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    How to Force Yourself to Do Stuff You Don’t Want to Do

    Are you tired of doing work? Do you procrastinate even the simplest of things? Are you behind in your schoolwork? Are you filled with a constant need to take a mf-ing nap? If you responded yes to any of these questions, then you may be entitled to compensation. And by compensation, I mean this blog post. Also, quick note: you should probably talk to your guidance counselor/therapist/doctor because you may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

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    How I Bullet Journal as a Student

    The Origin Story I use my bullet journal as a glorified collection of to do lists. I’ve used a planner to organize my homework since 6th grade. I’d write down what homework was assigned that day. I didn’t bother with due dates – everything was almost always due the next day. Long term projects and due dates went in the monthly calendar. I’ve kept this system, at least some variation of it, throughout all of middle school and high school.  When I was a mere freshman, I was suddenly faced with a lot more work. I actually didn’t have a ton of homework, but I had a lot of extracurriculars…

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    10 Secrets of Highly Effective High School Students

    Successful people have habits. Successful high school students have habits. While they may not be secrets, not everyone knows or understands these important habits. My goal is to share the wealth. Here are some of the most helpful strategies I have learned over my *illustrious* high school career.  1. Writing it Down When in doubt, write it down. Your teacher said something you didn’t understand – write it down. You thought of an interesting idea for an essay – write it down. You don’t understand how to do a certain problem – write it down. Keeping a log of questions and/or ideas will help you when you have a chance…

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    What You Need to Know to Crush the SAT: Math Edition

    Here is the second installment in my series on test taking and prep strategies for the SAT. My parents paid an arm and a leg for SAT prep, so your parents won’t have to! 😉 General Test Taking Tips Test questions are ordered from easiest to hardest. The test is ordered from least missed questions to most often missed questions. For the grid-in problems the difficulty resets. So as you go on from the first grid-in problem to the last grid-in problem, the questions will get progressively more challenging. You can either focus on doing as many easy problems as possible with reasonable assurance that you got them correct. OR,…

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    What You Need to Know to CRUSH the SAT

    Hello! This is the first in a series of posts about making the SAT your b*tch! This point is about general test prep tips tips for test day helpful online resources best test prep book ONE // General Test Prep Tips Take practice tests routinely and often. The more exposure you get to the test, the better. If you can’t dedicate 4 consecutive hours of your day to taking a practice exam, try taking just the math sections one day and the English sections another day. Make a master list of all the questions you’ve gotten wrong so that you can review them later and identify weak spots. TWO //…