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    Currently Coveting No. 6

    t-shirt | earrings | sneakers | jeans I haven’t done one of these in a hot minute, but I was inspired by these Golden Goose look-alike sneakers (aka dupes)!  Tbh, I never loved the Golden Goose sneakers, because I feel like they look too distressed. I like their design, but I just wasn’t a fan of the price point or…

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    Currently Coveting No. 5

    sweater | earrings | watch | headband | sneakers | necklace | jeans Here is a super simple outfit that I wear a variation of practically every day.  I actually bought these jeans, and they were too small! If you have a muscular body type, I would definitely size up or try one of the other cuts of denim. I…

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    How to Curb Your Shopping Habit

    1. Stop browsing – if whatever format  If that’s blogs, emails from your favorite retailers, social media posts from your favorite brands, or just scrolling through your amazon webpage – stop browsing. 2. Mandate a waiting period  For example, if I see something I want to buy, I’ll sleep on it. If in the morning, I still want it, then…

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    My Goal of a Personal Uniform

    Uniforms, I had one when I was in elementary school. Then, I didn’t love it, but I respected its utility. It was nice to not have to make an additional decision when you woke up in the morning. It was simple: On Mondays and Thursdays, I wore a red polo with khakis, on Wednesdays I wore a white button down…

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    Shopping Ban Update No.2

    First, some updates about Marie Speaks. Posting 3 times per week isn’t super feasible for me right now, so for the time being I’m only going to post once per week on Wednesdays! Thank you so much for reading, and I appreciate your time! I’m about a month into my “shopping ban”. Honestly, I’m really over buying stuff in general.…

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    Simplicity at Its Finest

    There are some things that are super simple, but when they’re made well – it makes a world of a difference. In this post, I’m rounding up totally random items that I use every day that are just super thoughtfully designed and well-made. Pomelo Pill Dispenser My doctor recommended keeping my meds by alarm clock so I could take them…

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    Adorable Summer One Piece Swimsuits!

    Row 1: black and white gingham | green scalloped | black and ivory Row 2: blue and white flutter | blue tie | red, white, and blue stripes Summer is upon us, and it is officially swimsuit season. Here in New England, after an unusually cold Spring, it is finally warm enough to go swimming. I like one piece swimsuits…

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    In Shower Self Care

    Seriously, self-care is so important. Caring for yourself is the first step to caring for other people. I encourage you, to take an extra ten minutes to do a face scrub or exfoliate in the shower. It’s so nice to feel fresh and new after a long day.