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    How to Force Yourself to Do Stuff You Don’t Want to Do

    Are you tired of doing work? Do you procrastinate even the simplest of things? Are you behind in your schoolwork? Are you filled with a constant need to take a mf-ing nap? If you responded yes to any of these questions, then you may be entitled to compensation. And by compensation, I mean this blog post. Also, quick note: you should probably talk to your guidance counselor/therapist/doctor because you may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

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    How to Weekly Review

    Productivity pundits everywhere are always talking about daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews. I agree that reviewing your life at set intervals is helpful for mindful productivity.  Especially for me, in therapy, where I monitor my mood, it’s helpful to be able to look back to see how I was feeling at a given time. It’s also just a good idea generally to spend some time reflecting.  If you’re new to journaling/reflecting in a written form, a weekly reflection practice is a great way to get started. I also wrote this post about how I journal in my daily life.  Here is a weekly reflection that I created for myself…

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    How to Curb Your Shopping Habit

    1. Stop browsing – if whatever format  If that’s blogs, emails from your favorite retailers, social media posts from your favorite brands, or just scrolling through your amazon webpage – stop browsing. 2. Mandate a waiting period  For example, if I see something I want to buy, I’ll sleep on it. If in the morning, I still want it, then I’ll consider buying it. Generally, I won’t want it in the morning. Another way I’ve seen people do this is to use a 72 hour waiting period for purchases under $100 and a week long waiting period for purchases over $100.  3. Make a list If you need something, write…

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    My Mantras

    Times are hard. It’s true. One thing that’s helped me make it through this crazy tumultuous time is reminding myself that I’m a good human, and that I have the ability to be a good human to everyone around me. I’m trying to meditate, go to church, do things that make me happy like crocheting, reading, and blogging. I’ve also been creating these little mantras for myself.

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    Why I Love My Peloton

    shoes | look delta cleats | shorts (TTS) | water bottle | shirt (similar) So, I meant to write this post about a month ago. Then, I got stitches on my knee and couldn’t do any “strenuous exercise” for two weeks. Then, I was so intimidated by the bike and the thought of my hard workout distressed me. And I was totally afraid of busting my stitches wide open. I mean, that’s the stuff of nightmares, at least it is for me.  Today I rode in a little over a month. It felt really good. I can feel my body getting stronger. I’m feeling good.  Peloton has given me an…