Currently Coveting No. 1

This the beginning of a series dedicated to what I’d rather be wearing and/or pieces I’d love to own.

Since quarantine, I have been trying to be very intentional about my spending habits. I realized I was spending wayyy too much money by the sheer number of amazon boxes arriving at my front door. I am resolving to spend less money on frivolous, unnecessary items. This doesn’t mean I’m not buying stuff; I very much am. For example, last month I bought a pair of hiking boots. This was a necessary purchase because I didn’t previously have a pair and the ticks this year are really bad! (I saw one jump out of the grass on on to my dog! EEEEKKKK!!! I scraped it off with a stick, but Jesus was it terrifying!) Anyways, long story short, this is a series where I can statisfy my need to try out new things, outfits etc without actually buying anything. Win-Win!

shirt | belt | hot pink bracelet | beige bracelet| shorts | sandals | nail polish

Many of these items are recommendations from other bloggers.

  • Shirt – This shirt was recommended by Amanda John from Strawberry Chic. I love her youtube channel, linked here. She shares great recommendations for luxury looks and affordable prices! I highly recommend her blog and youtube channel.
  • Belt – I think this belt would be such a cute accessory to any outfit. With a little French tuck here and a little French tuck there, this belt is just a darling addition to any outfit. You could pair it with jean shorts, a flowing midi summer dress, or a short and fun summer romper. The sky is the limit! Also, I just love anything scalloped (including my potatoes)!
  • Bracelets – These bracelets were recommended my Kate Bowman from Lonestar Southern. I have to say, I think she’s my favorite blogger. I just love her posts, and personality. 10/10 would recommend. Quick Note: these bracelets are expensive at over $60 a piece. I wouldn’t buy them for myself, but I think they’re so cute!
  • Shorts – Confession Time: I was straight up LUSTING for these shorts! I think they’re so cute. I want them so so so sooooo badly. The catch? They’re $128! I don’t even pay that much for an entire full-leg-covering pair of jeans. I’m saving up for these bad boys! Also these were recommend by Amanda John who swears by them. She says they are her go to. Recently, Krista from Covering the Bases reviewed these shorts and says she loves them more and more each day!
  • Sandals – These sandals were recommended both by Amanda John and Katy Roach from Living My Best Style. Katy is another great resource if you’re looking for affordable stylish clothing options.
  • Nail Polish – This is my all time favorite nail polish color. I love it with all my little baby heart. It’s just so good! I wear it in the winter, fall, spring, and summer.




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