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Currently Coveting No. 6

t-shirt | earrings | sneakers | jeans

I haven’t done one of these in a hot minute, but I was inspired by these Golden Goose look-alike sneakers (aka dupes)! 

Tbh, I never loved the Golden Goose sneakers, because I feel like they look too distressed. I like their design, but I just wasn’t a fan of the price point or the scuff marks. 

Tangent aside, I saw these Steve Madden sneakers and I thought I would create an outfit with them. 

I paired the sneakers with this adorable ~almost~  rugby style t-shirt and straight legged jeans, both from J. Crew. I’ve been really interested in straight legged jeans lately and am considering purchasing a pair … just not so sure that they’ll be flattering on my body type. But I think when Covid is better, I’ll go in store and try some on! I haven’t worn straight jeans since elementary school, so we’ll see how this works out, lol. 

Lastly, I picked out these cubic zirconia earrings from amazon to complete the outfit. I am always wearing earrings. I thought about getting a pair of diamond earrings, and branching out from my default pearls, then I saw how much it would cost. Long story, short, that dream ended real quick. Anyways, I thought these CZ earrings are an affordable option that wouldn’t make you cry if you lost them. The one thing I’d add to this outfit is a watch. I like the Nordgreen ones – they’re a sustainable company who make beautiful products. 

t-shirt | earrings | sneakers | jeans



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