Dorm Room Mood Board

The time that I’ve not so patiently been waiting for is almost upon us – dorm room shopping!! woohoo! I am SO excited for many reasons! 

  1. I am going to my DREAM SCHOOL!
  2. I get to decorate my room HOWEVER I WANT. Plus, i haven’t decorated my bedroom since at least 2016. 
  3. I get some very much needed FREEDOM after being cooped up for the last YEAR. 
  4. I get to try out minimalism in earnest by literally getting to choose 99% of the belongings I bring with me to college!

Anyways, hopping off of my soapbox now, I wanted to share with you all my official dorm room inspiration mood board. 

Headboard Pillow: Leigh Deux  (I ordered mine when it was on sale a month ago in the color “Linen”) 

Mirror: Target

Duvet: Ballard Designs (I love this duvet, but I just can’t stomach paying $200+ on white bedding that I am not at all confident in my ability to keep clean. I’ll probably be buying this $20 IKEA duvet to see if I’m capable of keeping a white duvet clean… I’m probably not, lol.)

Quilt: old, similar 

Floral Prints: Etsy, similar (I cannot for the life of me find the original prints. I made this mood board in summer 2020, and honestly, I don’t think the original prints are sold anymore.)

Rug: similar from PB Teen

State Prints: Evelyn Henson

Dorm Trunk: PB Teen

Pin board: PB Teen
Throw Blanket: Anthropologie (sold out); Target (similar)

Throw Pillow: Target (similar)

Ottoman (with storage!): Target

Abstract Art: Etsy

I am so so pumped to be going to college in the fall! I just can’t even express my excitement! Anyways, this is just my preliminary mood board. I have already identified places where I’ll be making some smol tweaks. 

I’m going to college! Squeeeeee!!!



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