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How to Curb Your Shopping Habit

1. Stop browsing – if whatever format 

If that’s blogs, emails from your favorite retailers, social media posts from your favorite brands, or just scrolling through your amazon webpage – stop browsing.

2. Mandate a waiting period 

For example, if I see something I want to buy, I’ll sleep on it. If in the morning, I still want it, then I’ll consider buying it. Generally, I won’t want it in the morning. Another way I’ve seen people do this is to use a 72 hour waiting period for purchases under $100 and a week long waiting period for purchases over $100. 

3. Make a list

If you need something, write it down. If you need hiking boots for the upcoming Spring season, then put it on your shopping list then research the best ones to buy and get them on sale. This just helps to keep from making impulse purchases on items you don’t need. 

4. If you get buyer’s remorse, return it immediately! 

We’re all been there when you’ve just bought this sweater and you thought it was super cute in the dressing room. But when you get home, you realize it’s really not ~all that~. In that moment, return the sweater! If you’re getting buyer’s remorse, then return it even if Amazon is going to charge you $5 to return it – better in their warehouse than your closet! Listen to your gut. 

5. Ask yourself if what you’re about to buy will serve a purpose

This is pretty simple. For example, when I first bought hiking boots, I thought “these will protect my feet from the puddles I inevitably will step in and my ankles from ticks”. Now, my hiking boots bring me joy! I love seeing them sitting in my closet waiting for the next adventure! When you’re buying, ask yourself “does this serve a purpose?” 



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