I Broke My Shopping Ban

I have a confession.

I broke my shopping ban. 

Am I surprised? No, not really. 

Am I disappointed? Yes. 

Here’s what happened 

The First Time

My dear friend, Ben, came to visit and we purchased matching sweatshirts. I still think the sweatshirt is adorable, and it reminds me of good times. I don’t regret this purchase at all. Now, I definitely don’t need any more sweatshirts, but I love the reminder of my friend and the memories we made. Although souvenirs can just be wastes of money, resources, and space, I really like this one and think it’ll contribute positively to my life.  Pro Tip: don’t feel pressured to buy a souvenir for every trip you go on. If you see something you like and it’s practical, then I think you should get it. For example, when I went to Europe for the first time (a big deal for me), I didn’t actually bring back any souvenirs, and I don’t regret it at all. But for a simple trip, I got a sweatshirt. You do you! 

The Second Time

I made another impulse purchase of clothing. This time it was a dress from Target. Ultimately, I ended up wearing the dress (twice so far), and I really like it. It actually did fill a gap I had in my wardrobe for a comfortable, easy to wear dress that I actually enjoy wearing. I know I got caught up in a scarcity mindset because the dress kept selling out, so I let my brain trick me into thinking “I have to get this dress immediately before it sells out again!” Overall, I’m not proud of myself for succumbing to impulse buying, but I’m happy with my purchase. 

The Third Time

I was shopping for some double sided tape and kraft paper for my high school memories scrapbook that I’m making. Those were approved purchases, but my buying a 0.5 Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pen was not. This is the purchase I’m the most disappointed in myself in even though it was the cheapest. I have no need for another black gel pen. At this point, it’s just excessive. The worst part is that I haven’t even touched the new pen! In line with what I told myself earlier this month, I will not be purchasing anything from JetPens next month.

The Fourth Time

The last time I broke my shopping ban was buying these adorable greeting cards from Target. I literally have no excuse for myself. I was upset over an argument with my mom, and I let myself get tricked into emotional spending. I have made use of the cards by writing letters to my friends, but I really didn’t need these. 

The Takeaway

I am far from perfect (ofc) and still working on being a mindful consumer. I want to do and be better, and I’m working towards that. Part of that, is being very specific about my needs. For example, if I have a random thought for example “remember to purchase dish soap” then I add it to my running shopping list in my notes app. That way I always know exactly what I need to buy, so when I’m shopping whether that be online or in person, I can do my business then leave ASAP. This is all in effort to lessen my temptation to buy unnecessary items by decreasing my time shopping and browsing. 

I’m working on being more mindful. I encourage you to do so too!




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