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My Best Purchase of 2020: Hiking Boots

My best purchase of 2020 was a pair of hiking books, specifically the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot in Quarry/Cool Wave (size 9).

I love these boots! They have carried me on about 30 miles since I got them on April 28, 2020. They are amazing while I wished they had a bit more ankle support, they’re really great as is. It is a trade-off though – these boots don’t have amazing ankle support (they do have some, to be clear) but these boots are also pretyy light weight, so I really don’t think it’s too bad! They’re also waterproof which is a huge plus. A couple of weeks ago, I was hiking in Gloucester near the ocean and it was very wet. I’m glad I had these bad boys on because when I inadvertently stepped in a massive, freaking puddle, my socks and feet stayed dry. And let’s face it – wet socks are  awful, second only to wet jeans. 

This year, I have opened myself up to so many more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with these wonderful shoes. While hiking boots are not a must, they are definitely a nice-to-have. These are also great in the snow and ice. 

This summer, I went on a hike with my dear friend, Ben, in these boots. This fall, I went hiking on a trail I discovered on AllTrails with my friend, Valerie. And I found this adorable pond this winter with my dad.

Some of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken While Hiking

Outdoor walks/hikes are such fabulous ways to spend time with loved ones especially in this Covid season. Of course, the open air of the great outdoors provides better ventilation thus minimizing the risk of transmission. When I’m hiking with friends, we maintain at least 3 feet of distance (although it’s generally closer to 6 feet) and if we take a mask break, then we’ll face opposite directions at least 20 or so feet apart. 

I’m so glad I rediscovered my love of being outside and exploring new trails. I have learned so much more about my neighborhood and surrounding cities and towns by trying out new trails. It should be mentioned that pretty much all of the trails I’ve done have been marked either moderate or easy. It’s not that I can’t handle a challenge, more so that I live in an area that isn’t naturally super mountainous and it’s hard to find the time to drive an 1 hour+ to a more challenging trail when I can find something beautiful nearby. Thus, my “hikes” are more like walks in nature, but I enjoy them nonetheless. 

This year, I want to hike (a real one – 5 mile minimum) at least once per month and try out some more adventurous trails in White Mountains and the Berkshires. Here’s to getting outside!



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