My Favorite College Youtubers!

As a high school senior, I am deeply into the throughs of college youtubers. I just love watching “Day In My Life” videos. It just feels so nice to immerse yourself into someone else’s life.

//ONE// Gracie O’Connor

I don’t even remember when I started watching Gracie’s video. She’s just such a bundle of joy. I really enjoy her bubbly personality. I aspire to have Gracie’s positive outlook on life. Gracie goes to University of Alabama.

//TWO// Lottie Smalley

I have been watching Lottie’s videos since 2014. I love her videos so much!! She definitely posts inconsistently, but I just love her so much! I’ve literally just grown up watching her videos. Lottie just graduated from UGA, but she’s going to grad school!

//THREE// Meghan Kelleher

I just discovered Meghan this year, but she’s super fun! I love her sense of humor. She’s just so relatable. I love her clean/declutter with me videos. She cleans like she’s from the SOUTH. If you know, you know. Meghan goes to UVA.

//FOUR// Paige Kaiser

Paige is super fun! She and her roommate, Nadine, are just such a meme together. I also really like her style – I totally steal elements of her outfits to make my outfits more trendy and fun. Also, Paige goes to American University which is a school I’m definitely applying to!

I hope you guys like these YouTubers – they’re super fun. Also, I’m totally looking for more black college YouTubers if you know any. I used to watch Kai Foster’s videos, but she dropped out… so no longer a college YouTuber.



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