My Favorite Podcasts

Note: all links will be to apple podcasts.

This American Life

I love this podcast. I almost feel like I shouldn’t call it a podcast since for most of my life, I listened to it on the radio. NPR has been a facet of my life since before I could remember. Ira Glass’s voice just brings me home every time. Although I cannot separate the personal memories from This American Life, I can still appreciate the magnificent storytelling in the podcast. I love listening to an episode while doing the dishes, crocheting, or any other mindless task. Each episode ends so nicely – with a little bow atop, so it’s always a satisfying conclusion. I’m a fan if you couldn’t already tell.

The Daily by The New York Times

This podcast is great. Occasionally, I’ll take a sorta-kinda news detox. When I do that, I like to listen to this podcast in the morning as I get ready then read the New York Times Evening Briefing after dinner. I love the way the podcast focuses on a single story or theme, creating a comprehensive narrative. This podcast focuses on human stories and often weaves in the larger events happening through the perspective of a single (or a few) person(s). I think this is a great way to learn about what’s happening in the world that is approachable and not overwhelming. I just really appreciate that it’s just really compassionate storytelling. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it’s just so good. 

Real Narcos

This was a very recent addition to my repertoire of podcasts. This one is a bit different from my normal type of podcasts. The storytelling is not as good as that of The Daily or This American Life, but it sure is entertaining! So far, I’m still in the episodes about Pablo Escobar. It’s partially new information to me. I didn’t know a ton about all that happened with the cocaine trade and everything in the 80s and 90s, so it’s been nice to start understanding the historical context a bit more. This is all recent history, and it informs our current world so much. It’s been very enlightening to learn more about what happened.

Lore by Aaron Mahnke

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s a ~little~ spooky, but super enjoyable and fun! It’s only published twice per month, which is sad, but I love to see a notification that there’s a new podcast. In the podcast, Mahnke takes spooky supernatural-ish stories from the past and tells them in these incredibly compelling and interesting ways. I got this recommendation from Seo from @tbhstudying, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. 

Behind the Bliss by Rachel Awtrey

I haven’t listened to this podcast in a while. This is partly because this very conversation style of podcast isn’t really my ~jam~. However, I still really enjoy Rachel and her guests. I really enjoy her talking about her faith journey and others sharing theirs. I generally like listening to this podcast while going on walks. I was first introduced into this podcast through Kate from Lonestar Southern when she was interviewed on the podcast.

Honorable Mentions

These are podcasts I listen to occasionally, but don’t, ya know, adore.

1) Hidden Brain

2) Politics with Amy Walter

3) Council on Foreign Relations’ The President’s Inbox (sometimes the sound quality is less than idea on this podcast)

4) Meet the Press with Chuck Todd

5) Duolingo Spanish Podcast

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