Pieces I’m Loving: 2.10.18

This winter has totally been all over the place! It does from 45 degrees to 10 degrees in one week! It’s been crazy. Here in Boston, we’ve been getting snow only for it to melt the next week and battling wicked ice. Just yesterday, I fell outside and cut my hand on the ice. Winter is normally one of my favorite seasons, but this year, I can’t help but to wonder when it’s going to be over. Groundhog Day was last week, and Punxsutawney Phil said six more week. I sure hope it not six more weeks like the freezing New Years’ temperatures or the temperature wild ride Boston has been on.

Nonetheless, there have been some pieces that have stood by me this crazy winter.

  • Patagonia Women Los Gatos Fleece Vest: This Christmas present is the gift that just keeps giving. It’s the perfect winter accessory: versatile and warm. I like to pair this vest with sweaters and sweatshirts (when I’m feeling lazy). Also, this vest is super fuzzy which makes this all the better!
  • Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot: This is an amazing boot, and it’s fleece lined! Although, I did have trouble with the first one. I got the very first, orginally duck boot about two years ago, but I didn’t wear it often. Then for some reason, the zipper would randomly start unzipping for no reason while I was wearing the boot, so I went to the store to see if they would replace. Luckily, the store clerk was very gracious and offered me a new pair of the boots! This new pair has been amazing–I wear them all the time and they’re great. One complaint: the laces are weird and a bit of a pain, but besides that no complaints!
  • Adults’ L.L.Bean Boot Socks: These socks are super warm! I love to wear them with my duck boots. These socks are just amazing! Everyone in my family has some. My only complaint is sometimes, these socks are just too warm. And no one wants weird sweaty feet–ew!
  • Women Ultra Light Down Seamless Parka: I got this jacket two years ago, and I still love it! This isn’t the exact jacket I have, but it looks pretty similar. This new jacket has a little pouch that you can roll the jacket into when you’re finished using it. That’s a really nice feature: my older version doesn’t have it. This is a fantastic coat for 20-40 degree weather. However, on the colder days you really want more length like this coat from L.L. Bean
  • Barbour Flyweight Cavalry Quilted Jacket: I got a jacket similar to this. I got it from T.J. Maxx or something, so the exact one I have isn’t being sold anymore which totally sucks because it’s an amazing jacket. Something to note: since Barbour is a British clothing company, they use European sizes which on average (or at least for me) are about two sizes above your regular size. Additionally, you might want to have extra space for sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. , so this is probably something you should try on before you buy.
  • Built-In Sculpt Rockstar Jeans for Women: I am 85% sure this is the same pair of jeans I own. This are good jeans, but not my favorite pair. I like these because they’re nice and reliable–they’d make a good boyfriend. 
  • Patagonia Women’s Re-Tool Snap-T® Fleece Pullover: Another item the company doesn’t sell anymore. My jacket is red with navy detailing. I love this fleece! It is super warm and easy to wear–it goes with everything. I love wearing this fleece with my North Face windbreaker. My only complaint is that the fleece is knit together, so that is has these really tiny holes like the ones in knit sweaters. This feature is nice if you want to cool down, but it terrible when it’s windy out which is why I layer this fleece with a windbreaker or a coat often.
  • Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic™ Boot: This boot is so warm! I love them! They’re great for snow and ice and generally those really cold days. All in all, these are just fantastic boots.

These clothing items are all been made really well. I am so fortunate to have them. I hope the can help you this crazy winter as they’ve helped me.



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