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    My Low Buy Challenge for 2022

    Last year, I said I’d go on a shopping ban, and I didn’t really stick with it. Fast forward 18 months, and I forgot I had ever gone on a shopping ban. So, shopping ban #1 was unsuccessful. However, I can’t really think of any purchases I’ve made recently that have been completely regrettable or unnecessary. In college, operating on a stricter budget has forced me to return everything I buy that I don’t need. So there isn’t a lot of clutter from items not used.  Still, I think my consumption habits can and should improve, so I’m setting a budget. I will spend no more than $500 this year…

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    Book Review: Meet the Frugalwoods

    I am really glad that I read this book. Seriously, I think it has reinforced the way I think about money - as a tool for comfort, but not happiness itself. Of course, it’s easy for me to say as a member of the upper-middle class, that money isn’t everything. I am blessed and fortunate, and I want to maintain financial stability and frugality as I get older and move into adulthood.